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Swank Motion Pictures

Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® founded in 1937, is the major non-theatrical movie distributor, online CE/CME education distributor and public performance licensing agent in venues where feature movies are shown publicly.

College Campus

With Swank, you can entertain your students year-round with classic films, themed films and current box-office hits, prior to home video release. Create fun, cost effective events on campus and receive expert advice on theme-related program ideas.

Movies are a great way to entertain students and parents at freshman orientation programs, and to bring students together for safe, on-campus gatherings.

Residence Life Cinema

Effectively use your closed-circuit channel to bring exciting Blockbuster movies to your college campus, and exclusively from Swank, add theme programming developed to meet the unique needs of your student body. Call us for a preview of our Student Success programs developed to help educate your students on imperative topics such as campus safety, credit card debt, study skills and other college-specific topics.

Parks & Recreation Movies

Swank offers a wide choice of age-appropriate and edited films that are an easy and popular way to bring children and adults to your location. Create fun family events by entertaining your guests with outside movie nights. Utilize the newest trend in outdoor movie viewings, the blow-up screen, for spring, summer and fall drive-in movie events. Invite your patrons to bring their lawn chairs and blankets and watch the fun begin.


Enlighten your patrons and draw new members by complimenting your next exhibit with a movie, or for major exhibits, feature a Critically Acclaimed, Classic or an International movie program.

Fill your seats with impressive movies that support your current interests. Choose from a vast array of Alternative, Art House, Classic and International films.

Correctional Institutions

Enhance your inmate services programming by showing movies in your prison or correctional institution.

Religious Organizations

Reaffirm your organization's mission and values with today's top religious and family-oriented movies! Films can enlighten, entertain and educate your congregation on the issues that are central to your message. Movies are also a great tool for enhancing Youth Groups, Sunday Schools and educational classes.

Swank Films Distribution France

Swank Films Distribution France is your convenient and legal licensing source for major motion pictures in France. Enjoy all the benefits of legal copyright protection while providing exciting movies for your next event. Whether you’re searching for a specific film title, theme or topic – Swank Films Distribution has you covered!

SWANK FILMS DISTRIBUTION FRANCE vous offre un moyen simple et rapide de protger lgalement vos projections publiques des plus grands films du cinma! Profitez de nos services et de notre grand catalogue vous proposant des titres les plus divers pour organiser en toute tranquillit et en toute lgalit vos vnements cinma! Que vous cherchiez un film en particulier ou des titres autour d'un thme, SWANK a ce qu'il vous faut.

Hotels &amp Resorts

Add value to a guest's stay by offering movie entertainment outside of the room. Showing films in the public areas of your hotel or resort is a great way to bring guests together and provide an additional value of service.

Other Group Showings

Businesses, clubs, and camps are just a few of the many diverse groups that Swank serves with our library of outstanding movies. If you've got a unique situation, let one of our account executives show you how we can create a unique licensing solution to serve your specific movie programming needs.

On-Board Movies

Entertain your cruise line passengers from all venues with box office movies, National Geographic specials, Rick Steves' Europe destination programming, live concerts, and all-time favorite television shows.

Hospital Education
Swank HealthCare

Meet JCAHO requirements and help your staff maintain licensure with a comprehensive program of more than 450 CE/CME courses available online through the Internet, as well as on CD-ROM or your facility´s intranet. Receive instant certificates, automatic tracking and effortless reports that may be incorporated into your current learning management database. Ask us about incorporating your facility´s courses into our online program to accomplish mandatories on time and conveniently with 24/7 access.

U.S. Military Facilities
Save TDY dollars and ensure that your personnel receive the training they need anytime, anywhere with an online program of over 450 accredited CE/CME courses. You´ll also receive convenient access to the latest programs introduced by the Department of Defense. We serve Army, Air Force, and Veterans Affairs facilities as well as the Navy and Air Force Reserves.

Patient Entertainment
Swank Healthcare

Entertain hospital patient with light-hearted, family-friendly movies, including new releases, classics and animated features. This exciting patient entertainment program will increase patient attitudes, assist with laugh therapy and increase patient satisfaction!

Motorcoach Movies

Entertain your passengers with age-appropriate, edited movies passengers will truly enjoy. Rent Hollywood´s Box-office movies on videocassette, DVD or simply obtain a public performance license to show the movies you already own, and be confident you are compliant with today's movie copyright laws.

K-12 Schools Movie Licensing USA

Create fun school events by utilizing Swank's annual movie license, (sometimes called a blanket license) available to K-12 public schools. Target your films to age-appropriate audiences or have a blockbuster event for all ages. Enjoy the benefits of legal copyright protection for your school with motion picture licensing, while providing a great forum for rainy-day activities, student rewards, child care programs, movie night events and much more.

Public Libraries Movie Licensing USA

Target your programs to seniors, teens, or children and enhance your library programming using timeless classics and Box-office hits! We'll help you plan popular Family Movie Nights at your library, summer movie programs, literature-to-film programs, and other events to help you meet the diverse needs of all your patrons.

Business & Corporate Events

Films can be used in a multitude of ways for your business. Show movies as part of your company meeting, group outing, leadership training, HR event, open houses, company picnics, philanthropic events, retreats, sales training, blood drive, diversity training, or team building exercise. Furthermore, enhance your tradeshow/convention booth or presentation by incorporating movies.

Digital Campus

Digital Campus distributes copyrighted materials such as movies, television programs, and other content via internet protocol network systems for educational, communication, and entertainment purposes to colleges and universities.

K12 Digital Movies

K12 Digital Movies provides legal access to films in digital format for classroom learning. This allows schools to access over 14,000 film titles for educational purposes through existing Digital Media Networks or other video distribution systems.