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Press Release - Campuses Find New Ways To Power Curriculum with Film

Campuses Find New Ways To Power Curriculum with Film

St. Louis, MO, June 28, 2010 -- Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® is the latest technology available to legally distribute films to a student population for course-related assignments. Using this multi-media approach to learning, Digital Campus has become a popular learning tool on campus’ nationwide.

Schools have long struggled with ways students could access course-related films. Sharing copies and long waits at course reserves have challenged professors who incorporate films into the learning process but don’t want to take up valuable class time. With Digital Campus, however, campuses have discovered the ease of legally distributing films online through a Course Management system. Christine Kubiak from Illinois State University commented, "Students were very positive about watching the film through Blackboard and how easy it was to access."

The concept of Digital Campus is simple. Through a customized website, film links are embedded in a campus’ Course Management System. Students then access assigned films online through their course pages just as they would access copies of a lecture or study guide. The films are available 24/7 and allow students to fast forward, rewind and pause films in order to take notes or answer questions associated with an assignment.

"Providing students with a legal alternative to sharing DVD copies started as our priority in creating Digital Campus," Rob Hunter, Executive Vice President of Swank Motion Pictures stated. "As Digital Campus has grown, however, we have discovered that Distance Learning courses are greatly benefiting as well." Because of Swank Motion Pictures’ unique relationship with the majority of major Hollywood studios, Digital Campus allows distance-learning courses to use a film in its entirety.
Films provide a backdrop and understanding for topics discussed in the classroom. With Digital Campus schools have been able to incorporate films more readily into their curriculum.

Digital Campus is a registered trademark of Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. and provides colleges and universities nationwide with exclusive digital film content from the majority of major Hollywood and independent motion picture studios. Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. is headquartered in St. Louis, MO and operated by Tim Swank.

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