Saving My Tomorrow Part Three


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Highlighting the effects of pollution, with a focus on plastic and deforestation, this episode features passionate, young environmentalists doing their part to clean up the planet. "You are the ones who are going to have to deal with this mess," 10-year-old Grace says, in her call to action. Grace and members of Plant-for-the-Planet in Seattle plant trees in an effort to decrease CO2 levels, and hope to add one trillion new trees with help from around the globe. At the American Museum of Natural History's Hippo Room, Dr. Christopher Filardi discusses the interrelated nature of ecosystems with kids, asking them to imagine how drastically different a world without hippos would be. Meanwhile, children from a Baltimore elementary school create a plastic bag chain around a lake, demonstrating the number of bags one individual throws away each year. Young activist Alanna urges kids to get involved with her anthem "Help the Earth," while siblings Maren and Ben perform a cover of "This Pretty Planet," and "ocean warrior" Maddie encourages kids "to trust that your actions, no matter how small, can make a difference." A group of young activists in Santa Fe has seen just that, after their hard work and endless protests led to a historic plastic-bag ban. Interspersed are readings by Alan Cumming (about the Amazon rainforest) and Laura Dern (the albatross), an appearance by musician Pharrell Williams, and a previously unreleased performance, recorded by HBO, of the late Pete Seeger, singing with his great niece and nephew.


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