5 Steps to Movie Event Success

Select Captivating Titles

Choosing the right movies is a vital component of your film series. New releases are always a hit, but it’s also important to reflect your campuses’ unique needs and interests to draw the largest crowds.


Our website is your greatest resource when choosing which movies to add to your film schedule!

  • Browse titles by new releases, genres or seasonal events on the “Movies & TV” tab. Plus, check out our themed pages spotlighting programming for top holidays and initiatives.
  • Movies are grouped into categories of content, like “New Releases” and “Throwbacks.” Groupings are sorted by popularity, so you can see what other schools are showing.
  • Click “Sort By” at the top of each category to view titles alphabetically, by availability date, by release date and more.
  • If the home date is listed as “anticipated,” this means the date has not been officially confirmed. However, you can still tentatively book the movie starting on that date.

Select Captivating Titles


Customer Ideas:

  • Poll students on social media to ensure you’re showing films students actually want to see.
  • Show Oscar contenders in February so students can check out the films before the award show.
  • For a fun twist on a movie series, show a selection of films starring one specific actor.
  • Consider showing a mix of blockbusters, all-time classics and indie must-sees to create a diverse and interesting movie schedule.




Brand Your Series
Whether you’re hosting movies once a week or once a month, a consistent movie program builds recognition for your events and increases loyalty – which translates to larger crowds and regular attendees. Lock in your lineup well in advance so you can brand your movie series, allowing plenty of time to develop a promotional plan and increase visibility for your series. Be sure to ask your Account Executive about our quantity discounts.

Scheduling Your Events
You can either schedule all your movies upfront, or do it as you go. Each option has benefits; just remember your movie must be locked in before promotion can begin. Simply call or email your Account Executive to schedule your films.


Customer Ideas:

  • Students are busy. Show the film twice in the same week so it fits into everyone’s schedules.
  • Give your series a name.
  • Show movies on the same day of the week or month.
  • Finalize your titles well in advance to maximize promotion.




Create an Experience

Take your event to the next level by creating unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for your students. Pair programming with the movie’s theme, identify relevant campus organizations to partner with or get creative with concessions for that extra “cherry on top” touch.

New Experiential Event Packages
Our new add-on option features turn-key events that make it easy to create fun, unique experiences for your campus. Choose from Bingo, Discussion Guides and Trivia programming specifically curated for each title, including a variety of throwbacks and new release blockbusters.


Contact your Swank Account Executive for more details or to purchase an Experiential Event for your campus today!


Customer Ideas:

  • Host a pajama party basketball game movie event. Encourage fans to wear their PJs to a game, then invite them to head down to the court afterward for the screening.
  • Pair a screening of “The Breakfast Club” with a late-night cereal bar.
  • Screen your movie in an exciting location, like the campus pool, athletic field or quad!





Generate Buzz

Effectively getting the word out is key to your program’s success. Students are routinely bombarded with advertisements and event opportunities, so it’s important to think outside the box with your promotions. Movies that deploy unconventional methods of promotion are not only the most popular but also the most memorable.

New Promo Builder
We’ve made it even easier to spread word of your movie events with our site’s new Promo Builder! Log on to create and download custom, professional-looking Instagram and Facebook posts.


More Resources on Our Website:
Check out the Promotions page on our website for additional resources, including:

  • Customizable Schedules
  • Pre-Show Slides
  • Social Media Tips
  • Flyers
  • Tickets
  • And more!


Customer Ideas:

  • Pair a custom hashtag with an easy marketing idea to generate buzz on campus.
  • Pass out freebies featuring your movie schedule, like popcorn cups or magnets.
  • Create an email campaign during the week of your event.
  • Students respond to kitschy tactics, like blow-up dinosaurs holding signs around campus to promote a screening of “Jurassic World.”
  • Display posters for your upcoming movie in high-traffic areas and showcase upcoming events as pre-show slides before each film.




Finalize the Details


If you ordered a copy of the film you’re showing, it should arrive at least two business days prior to your event. Always contact your Account Executive if it doesn’t arrive by then so they can make alternate arrangements.

DVDs: For security purposes, pre-home movies shown before the home entertainment date will require a four-digit pin. The pin will be emailed to you up to one week before your show. Please use the pre-paid return label to send the DVD back the following business day after your show date.


Please Note: Our pre-home DVDs are not compatible with computers or gaming systems. We strongly suggest you test the DVD ahead of time using the equipment you plan to use on your show date.


Cinelink: The Cinelink device must be powered on and connected to the internet for your movies to download. Movies begin downloading up to two weeks before the show.





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