“Movie events on our campus have helped us in developing a weekly opportunity for students to build connections, make friends, take a break from studying, and meet new people. Creating a sense of belonging for students is our primary goal and what seems like a simple event during our late night dining hours has become one of our most impactful weekly events. We have students from all class levels attend and folks have shared with us that they now look forward to this new campus tradition every Monday night.”

– St. Mary’s College




What is Your Primary Goal?




Foster Connections
on Campus


Movies provide a relaxed environment for students to socialize at their own pace, fostering organic connections and lasting friendships through cinematic experiences.







Create Unique


Take your movie nights to the next level with our NEW interactive Screen Play experiences, featuring movie-themed trivia and bingo games that students play on their phones while watching the movie.







Inspire Dialogue
& Foster Inclusion

Movies can provide a platform for showcasing diverse cultures and perspectives, offering students the opportunity to feel seen and engage in meaningful conversations.




“The movie nights tend to bring a different crowd than we see at other events (like dances, comedians, etc.). It's nice that we can use movies to cater to different students on campus.”

Augustana University





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