The Largest Collection of Award Winning Films,
On One Academic Streaming Platform.


Swank Digital Campus is dedicated to meeting the needs of every campus we work with, no matter how unique those needs are. Whether you’re looking to make a library of content available for your campus or want to allow your faculty needs to drive selection, we’ve got the purchasing option to match. Plus, all of our licensing models restrict content selection to faculty and library administrators to help maintain budget control. Students can access films that are already licensed by your school, but they cannot initiate new requests.


Demand-Driven Acquisition: You can select the titles you need when you need them with a title-by-title licensing model, or create a deposit account. With a deposit account, you can choose to mediate and review faculty requests for even further control.


Library Collection: You can customize your own collection or purchase a pre-set collection that's based on the films that are most widely utilized by professors.


Flex Collection: Looking for the best of both worlds? This collection offers the budget certainty of a library collection and the flexibility of demand-driven acquisition by offering schools the ability to offer your campus a collection of films that have the ability to be swapped out throughout the year as faculty needs arise.


Interlibrary Loan: We are partnering with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries to test out an Interlibrary Loan model for streaming resources. This is very much in the testing phase and may not be immediately available.



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