Swank Motion Picture’s public performance license creates opportunities

for showing Hollywood’s best movies anywhere inside or outside.



Why do I need movie licensing?

According to the Federal Copyright Act, copyrighted materials like movies can only be used for a public performance if they’re properly licensed. However, neither the rental nor purchase of a movie carries the right to exhibit it outside of one’s home. So how can you get your movie licensed to show it? That’s where we come in.


What are the benefits of a movie event?

Movies are a great way to bring your community together, and they’re usually one of the most well-attended events. Plus, Swank makes it easy with the top Hollywood titles for any holiday or initiative, as well as free programming ideas & promotional resources for our customers.


How much does a public performance license cost?

Licensing costs depend on a few simple variables. Fill out the form below to discuss pricing.


Who does copyright law apply to?

This law applies to everyone, regardless of:

- Whether admission is charged.
- Whether the institution is commercial or nonprofit.
- Whether a federal, state, or local agency is involved.
- The year the movie was produced.

This means public schools, parks, recreation departments, summer camps, churches, private clubs, businesses and more all must properly license movies to show them publicly. Learn more about copyright law in the short video below.






Hear what customers across the country are saying.


“Swank has all of the movies children want to see. Make the investment [for a license] upfront so you can have fantastic movie nights and roll out all of the possible movies to your teachers and school building professionals.”

- Kyle Belokopitsky, Executive Director, New York State PTA


"The community loves these events because there’s a movie for everyone. We love being able to engage our entire community with an inclusive event series everyone can enjoy with a variety of loved ones!"

- Robert Richards, Event Manager for the Village at Mammoths in California






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If you are inquiring about a license at a K-12 school call 877.785.6932, for all other inquiries call 877.781.7937.