Invite Your School Community


Bringing families together with movie events is one of the most popular ways movies are shown in schools. We encourage you to use our free printable materials to promote your event. Click the link below to create posters, tickets, bookmarks, and more!

By following these simple advertising guidelines, you can ensure compliance:

  1. We advise using the term “suggested donations” if you’re advertising a movie fundraising event. You can raise unlimited funds through donations, raffles, concessions, etc.
  2. When advertising in a public forum such as newspapers, radio stations or public social media, you are not permitted to use the movie title or studio name. For example, you can say:  “Join Us at ABC Elementary for a Family Movie Event at 7 pm! Call for details."
  3. When advertising within the school, mailing or emailing the school families, or posting on a private social media group, you are allowed to use the studio name, title and images from our promotional materials.


Promotional materials can be found here