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Licensing from Movie Licensing USA saves time and money while providing peace of mind that you’re following copyright law. We work with thousands of schools nationwide and pride ourselves on helping you create the most successful movie events.


Annual Public Performance Site Licensing

An Annual Public Performance Site License allows K-12 schools to legally show copyrighted movies for non-teaching activities without the risk of copyright infringement. The cost of this license is based on your school’s total enrollment and is valid for a full year from a date that you choose.


Benefits include:

  • 24/7 coverage of your building
  • Unlimited movie showings in your school regardless of whether or not the event is affiliated with your school
  • Coverage for movies obtained from any legal source (renting, personal collection, etc.)
  • Continuous, money-saving coverage with automatic renewal options, multi-year pricing and multi school/district discounts

This license covers movie entertainment for events like:

  • Family movie nights
  • Before/after-school programs
  • Staffing emergencies/substitute teacher days
  • Last days of school
  • Student reward programs
  • Inclement weather days
  • Indoor recesses and lunch times
  • Children’s entertainment during meetings
  • Prom and graduation events
  • Holiday programming
  • Fundraising
  • Lock-ins and dances
  • State testing periods
  • Summer camps
  • After-school clubs
  • Student council activities


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