Today's Forecast? Nothing But Fun.

When inclement weather occurs, movies can save the day. Try these fun ideas when the weather just isn’t cooperating.

Jungle Party:
Invite students to dress as their favorite jungle animal. Have a craft station for students to make their favorite jungle animal out of paper plates and paint. As students make their crafts, show one of your favorite jungle-themed films.


Drive-in Movie: Cut, paste and paint your way to your own drive-in movie night with creative cars made out of cardboard boxes. All you need are some large cardboard boxes, acrylic paint, paint brushes, scissors and paper plates to create these one-of-a-kind creations. Pair them with a car-related movie to help imaginations zoom to new places.


Dino Dig: Make your own dinosaur fossil hunt inside of your school before your movie starts. Take a large plastic tub or kiddie pool and use sand, oats or rice to cover plastic dinosaurs. Add in dried pasta, shells, rocks and other items to make the hunt more fun. Using paint brushes and spoons to dust the sand, oats or rice away, invite groups of children to take turns finding out what’s buried beneath. Pair this activity with your favorite dinosaur movie.





What Other Schools Are Saying.

“Movie Licensing USA is a great partner for schools with great resources for events. We utilized your promotional materials for the movie for a “craft” table - the kids and parents loved it. Take advantage of the promotional materials offered, it has great impact!”

- Desert Meadows Elementary, Laveen, AZ


“Our movie event turned into a profitable fundraiser even without charging an entrance fee. This is by far our easiest, least number of volunteers needed & biggest return on our money fundraiser that we have hosted this school year. You made this an easy, painless and profitable event for us.”

- King Elementary, Vancouver, WA


“We host a family movie night to give families an opportunity to spend some time together for free. Everyone I’ve talked to at Movie Licensing USA has been very helpful. Love the website, it is easy to use and search.”

- Jefferson Elementary, Oshkosh, WI


“The kids loved the movie event! The parents were so pleased that the principal said we can have one every month this year. I will be buying a two-year license!”

- Holly Hill School, Holly Hill, FL