A Smarter Way to Teach With Movies

Swank Motion Pictures’ film streaming platform, Swank K-12 Streaming, offers exclusive access to the largest single library of feature films, documentaries and foreign films available to K-12 schools for instructional support. Featuring over 30,000 movies, Swank’s cloud-hosted streaming platform eliminates common obstacles – such as the lack of DVD players, blocked personal streaming sites and DVD library maintenance. Plus, teachers can easily assign films to students outside the classroom through any Learning Management System.


Watch the video below to learn how our new streaming platform simplifies film distribution for your entire school!



How It Works:

Start with a curated collection of films and then add to it throughout the year.

Curated Collections

Choose from one of our three preset collections specifically curated for education based on the most frequently used films by schools across the country:

  • Elementary Collection
  • Middle School Collection
  • High School Collection
  • District Collection
  • K-12 School Collection

Custom Title Requests

Teachers have access to search through thousands of films to identify the additional movies to be added to your collection throughout the year. And while our curated collections should be the majority of films your school will use, we understand that teachers are creative and new films become available throughout the year.