Author / Jan 24, 2017

An Easy Way to Explain Why You Need Licensing.

Sometimes, the need for public performance licensing can be hard to explain to those who are not familiar with copyright laws or those who are unsure about what constitutes a public performance. By definition, a public performance (also called a public exhibition) is any showing of a copyrighted movie outside the privacy of a home setting.

When movies are shown outside of a home setting, unless the films are licensed, these showings are actually infringing on motion picture companies' opportunities to generate revenue. This is one of the reasons why public performance licensing is absolutely necessary. The good news is that public performance licensing from Swank satisfies copyright laws because royalties are paid to the companies whose films can be shown.

This is why Swank gets to issue public performance licensing.
Hollywood film studios have trusted Swank as their liaison and agent to provide public performance licensing for their library of movies since the 1920s. Our long-standing history, one-on-one customer service and close partnerships with the world’s best studios have helped us entertain customers of all walks of life.

So, what does a license cover?
Standard licensing is typically for one day's use of the chosen movie during the agreed upon time at the specified place. Additional days are usually available at a discounted rate. Simply ask your Account Executive or contact us about discounts for multiple-day showings.

Here’s How to Get Copies of the Movies You Want to Show.
As long as your movie events are properly licensed, you can show movies that are purchased, rented or borrowed from any legal source (DVD, digital copies or any other legal format). In terms of streaming movies, we recommend checking the terms and conditions of the service you use to confirm that they do not prohibit public performances.

Interested in Placing an Order?
Purchasing your public performance license is easy. Simply choose the titles you would like to show or let our experienced staff help you create your movie program. Contact us toll-free at 1-800-876-5577 or fill out an Exhibition Request Form to get started right now!