Author Movie Licensing USA / Mar 01, 2017

Celebrate the Summer Birthdays of Your Favorite Authors!

Did you know some of your favorite authors were born in the upcoming summer months? Celebrate their contributions to literature with activities, crafts, movie showings and programming ideas for all ages!


Richard Scarry – June 5
Celebrate the busy world of Richard Scarry with a special story-time series dedicated to some of his 300 books.

Eric Carle – June 25
After a reading of “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” one of Eric Carle’s most famous books, print out images and words from the story on thick card stock. Then cut the images into strips to create Very Hungry Caterpillar-themed puzzles!

E.B. White – July 11
‘Stuart Little” and “Charlotte’s Web” are two classic books that also became hit Hollywood movies. Show these titles in your library as they’re part of your annual license!


Helen Keller – June 27
Inspire teens with bulletin boards and signage made out of some of Helen Keller’s most famous quotes.

J.K. Rowling – July 31
Host a “Harry Potter” movie marathon! All of the titles are covered under your annual license.

Julia Child – August 15
Honor author, TV personality and famous chef Julia Child with a healthy cooking class exclusively for teens.

Brian Bendis – August 18
This famous comic book writer worked on favorites like “Spider-Man,” “X-Men,” the “Fantastic Four” and many more. If you carry comic books, spotlight those written by Bendis to celebrate his birthday this month!



George Orwell – June 25
Highlight classic literature in your book clubs this month, including George Orwell’s best-known novels, “1984” and “Animal Farm.”

Hunter S. Thompson – July 18
Ask a media relations expert to give a lecture on how Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo journalism movement inspired a division from traditional journalism and how this style of first-person writing has adapted with the boom of social media.

Ernest Hemingway – July 21
Invite adult patrons to a Key West-style celebration in honor of Hemingway’s birthday. Have a band play island tunes, mix up some cocktails and host a Hemingway look-a-like contents to raise funds for your library. 

Herman Melville – August 1
Celebrate Herman Melville’s birthday with a showing of “In the Heart of the Sea,” a 2015 film inspired by his most famous novel, “Moby Dick.”