A passive and inclusive programming option.

Our custom hospital TV channel provides trusted, passive entertainment for patients and families to enjoy in a familiar and simple format. This option is perfect for patients who are less familiar with new technology or for those unable to engage.





How It Works

Powered by the Swank Digital Media Player, the channel broadcasts out a pre-scheduled lineup of content over coax to every TV building-wide, including inpatient rooms, emergency departments, waiting areas, lobbies and cafeterias. You are able to fully curate the content for the channel by selecting from our wide variety of movies, TV shows and relaxation content.


Custom Television Channels


Customizable Options

Our channel customers usually utilize multiple digital media player’s – one per channel – to create a comprehensive programming package. For example, have channels dedicated solely to blockbuster movies, children’s movies, Spanish titles, relaxation content and a General Population Health Messaging Channel.

This option also includes the ability to add custom messaging to play before and in-between entertainment – perfect for boosting communication between the hospital and patients!



Top Benefits

Consolidated Entertainment
Aggregates hundreds of studios covering every genre, including new releases, family favorites, and binge-worthy TV.

Share Important Hospital Messages
Custom content feature allows hospitals to share custom messages – that cannot be skipped – with patients. Highlight sanitation guidelines, check-out procedures, visiting hours and more!

Improve Patient Experience
Improves patient experience initiatives, like quiet at night, relaxation and distraction therapy, and comfort goals.

Extensive Content Library
Access to an extensive content library of movies and TV shows that serve a diverse demographic, including content that is ADA-compliant, edited and age appropriate or closed captioning.

Quick and Easy Set-Up
Quick and efficient set-up process! Can be up and running with minimal disruption to patients and families.





What do I need to get my channel up and running?

This solution requires the Swank Digital Media Player to be physically connected to an existing hospital head-end system via a modulator – provided by the hospital’s cable provider. These three components allow for a custom channel to be injected into the system and, ultimately, the channel line-up.

How is content selected for my channel?

This is truly where Swank shines from a customer service and operational standpoint.  Your designated Account Manager knows the top titles requested by patients and families – kids and adults – and is able to suggest, select and schedule the content for your channel, and updating it on a quarterly basis.

Can I create a custom channel for education or hospital information?

Yes! This content can also be inserted between the movies as mini-commercials, providing your patients and families with their daily dose of patient education.

Does this require a special controller?

No!  It is compatible with your existing television remote or pillow speaker.

Does this solution require a network connection?

No! The Digital Media Player is a disconnected solution – easing the minds of IT Security. All updates and patches are done via quarterly encrypted hard drives.


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