A convenient, on-demand programming option.

Our intuitive, on-demand streaming platform was designed specifically for the hospital environment. It’s easy to navigate, completely customizable and can increase engagement with patients and visitors. Plus, the platform is accessible on any device, including laptops, smartphones and tablets.






How It Works

Our cloud-based streaming option delivers all the features and benefits of a normal streaming platform, but with the added benefit of being curated with entertainment content that aligns with your organization’s mission and values. The platform can be accessed on either a personal device or hospital-provided tablet – like those used with Epic MyChart® Bedside.

Hospitals advertise the site by sharing the platform’s unique URL on a landing page once a patient or visitor has authenticated to the hospital’s Guest Network, or via a QR code and flyer created using our complimentary Swank Promo Builder.




Technical Requirements

You can view our full technical requirements here.

We do offer a local server option, available upon request - physical or virtual either onsite or in a data center in a DMZ or on a VLAN.



Top Benefits

No Login Required
A login-free experience – no remembering passwords

Universal Entertainment Solution
Provides a universal in-room entertainment solution – regardless of socio-economic status or technical aptitude

Simultaneous Access to Entertainment
Flexibility for patients and families to watch different programming in the same room

Share Important Hospital Messages
Includes the option to create a content repository to share important hospital programming and additional services with patients

Extensive Library of Content
Features a library of 25,000+ titles to choose from, including multi-language and family-friendly options

Saves Bandwidth
Saves bandwidth and easier to manage than other entertainment services





How do patients and families access the streaming portal?

Patients and families access the streaming portal either on hospital-controlled devices (think Epic MyChart® Bedside or Child Life iPads) or personal mobile devices (i.e. laptops, tablets and smartphones).

Can patients and families access this solution at home?

There is no app, download, username or password required to access the portal because it is locked down to your facility’s campus via the Guest Network IP range – preventing your patients and families from viewing the content at home.

How does Swank’s streaming solution affect my network bandwidth?

Our technology was developed with the masses in mind – utilizing adaptive-bit rate streaming to help conserve precious bandwidth. So while the maximum bit rate is 3Mbps, our adaptive bit rate streaming throttles between bit rates to conserve bandwidth based on the number of simultaneous streams.

Is there a maximum number of concurrent users?  

No!  There is no limit to the number of users able to use the platform simultaneously.

What about IT Security?

Because our solution is cloud-based, no server is needed onsite – eliminating IT setup and security concerns.

Do you have a television programming option?

Yes, we have a linear television channel solution that you can learn more about here.  We also have a stream-to-TV option utilizing AppleTV arriving sometime in 2024. Let us know if you’re interested in receiving more information on this new service, as it becomes available.

What is your pricing structure?

Our streaming platform is a full enterprise solution – bundling licensing, content packages and technology into an operational expense – instead of a “pay-per-view” model.  Contact us for a personalized proposal that fits your specific needs.


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