Annual Public Performance Site Licensing.

An Annual Public Performance Site License allows you to legally show as many movies as you want anywhere inside your library for endless entertainment. With access to thousands of movies, you’re able to design programs that encourage your patrons to celebrate, talk, catch up, learn something new and laugh together. 

Our relationships with the world’s best studios enable you to create programming using an unlimited number of the greatest movies throughout the year. Plus, how you use your license is up to you. Use movies for fundraising or show films as part of a regular series. You can even rent out your spaces to other businesses to legally show movies.


Benefits include:

  • 24/7 coverage of your building
  • Unlimited movie screenings in your library regardless of whether or not the organization showing the film is affiliated with your library
  • Copyright coverage for any movie obtained from a legal source (rental, personal collections, etc.)
  • Continuous coverage with automatic renewal, multi-year pricing and multi branch discounts