What is Swank Residence Life Cinema?

Swank Residence Life Cinema is your streaming solution to entertain, educate and engage residents. Partnered with over 90 percent of Hollywood studios, Swank offers the latest entertainment for students to stream anywhere on campus using a university-branded portal. With a collection of 25,000+ movies and TV shows, select new content to offer residents each month and add your own campus messaging to further engage residents.


Benefits of Streaming Movies and TV with Residence Life Cinema

The majority of college-aged viewers not only rely on, but expect streaming. Our flexible solution – created exclusively with the college audience in mind – was designed to help you reach your goals by strengthening and engaging your entire resident community. Explore some of the unique benefits of RLC below.





Custom-Made Platform

With our service, you have the option to hand-select your entire library of movies and TV shows. And not only are we the only company that lets you choose your entire content lineup, but we also let you brand your platform! Personalize it with your school logo, colors, and a one-of-a-kind name to create a unique on-campus experience for students.

Fully ADA Compliant

Better serve your entire resident population using our completely ADA-compliant content platform. Plus, residents can choose from multi-language options, including both audio tracks and subtitles.

Cost-Effective Service

Our streaming solution is a cost-effective option that gives students access to the platform at no additional cost to them. Plus, it can serve as a standalone service on your campus, or work alongside additional residence TV options as a comprehensive solution.

Largest Library of Films & TV Shows

We partner with over 90 percent of Hollywood studios to award our customers access to 25,000+ movies, plus thousands of TV episodes. Employing the largest library of content means there’s a title to interest every student on your campus, no matter their unique interests or tastes.

Engaging Custom Content

RLC allows universities to message, communicate and engage students through the platform to make it more than just movies. Use our unique Campus Clips function to add your own commercials, student-produced content, campus shows, and more as pre-show or standalone content on the platform.


PSA Partner Content

Students need to have the most up-to-date information to successfully take charge of their own health and safety. Yet, we know it can be challenging to get helpful resources into the right hands at the right time. That’s why we partner with the best educational content creators to help you effectively engage your students in important topics like Title IX, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, fire safety, COVID-19 protocols, and much more.

The number of films available through RLC is staggering.

UCF Knightflix

Discussion Guides

Over 900 movie discussion guides are available to customers to help facilitate meaningful conversations during Residence Life events. RLC is the only platform that allows both individual and programmatic use to host discussions throughout the year, meaning no risk of licensing issues if RAs screen movies as part of floor programming.






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